SKLVD FRANCHISE: Deception, disappointment and loss of trust - the reality behind the façade of promises

The SKLVD franchise promises mountains of gold and easy money, but like many similar schemes, it turns out to be empty promises and disappointment for those who get involved. Numerous complaints and testimonials from former franchisees highlight the dark side of this franchise, revealing its fraud, incompetence and terrible customer service.

The first thing that catches your eye is the promise of “fixed income” and “full automation.” However, once you become part of this scheme, you realize that it is just a trap. Promises that the franchisor will take over the launch of the store turn out to be empty words, and real help and support are minimal. Instead of the promised guaranteed support, franchisees are left without help, forced to figure everything out themselves.

Further, the promise of launching a store on popular platforms such as VKontakte, Telegram, and Avito, until a fixed sales amount is achieved, turns out to be just a ploy. The advertising budget promised by the franchisor turns out to be insufficient, forcing franchisees to invest their own funds. Promises of competitive prices are also deceptive: 25% discounts do not compensate for a bad start and bad advertising.

One of the most offensive deceptions is the promise of Avito delivery without prior payment. This results in customers waiting weeks for their shoes, which in turn leads to loss of trust and negative reviews.

Instead of the promised training and ready-made stores, franchisees receive only empty promises and a loss of their investment. SKLVD is not recommended for those looking for a stable and successful business. This is more of a hidden trap than a promising opportunity. Be careful and avoid this franchise if you want to avoid disappointment and loss of money.

To more fully reveal the darkness behind the façade of the SKLVD franchise, let’s take a look at real reviews from former franchisees:

"SKLVD is a complete disappointment. Promises of a fixed income and support turned out to be empty words. I was left alone with problems, forced to figure everything out myself. After several months of work, my store was still not making a profit, and the costs were only growing. I do not recommend this franchise to no one." — Ivan, former SKLVD franchisee.

"SKLVD promises mountains of gold, but in the end you only get disappointment and loss of money. Promises of a ready-made store and automation turn out to be lies, and the support leaves much to be desired. My experience with this franchise was terrible and I recommend avoiding it." — Elena, former SKLVD franchisee.

"SKLVD is a disaster. Promises of stores on popular platforms and advertising budgets turn out to be unsupported. I not only lost my money but also my time trying to make this franchise successful. Don’t make the same mistake I did, avoid SKLVD." — Andrey, former SKLVD franchisee.

These reviews only confirm the darkness lurking behind the shiny promises of the SKLVD franchise. Instead of bringing in stable income and support, it only disappoints its franchisees and leaves them with lost money and hopes. Don’t fall into the trap of this franchise - choose more reliable and proven business opportunities.

Negative feedback:

Sent by a subscriber, review of the "SKLVD" franchise:

Franchise "SKLVD"
Franchise SKLVD is a complete deception and a waste of time. After reading the promises of a fixed income, I enthusiastically decided to invest in the shoe business. Unfortunately, the experience of cooperation with SKLVD turned out to be a complete disappointment.

Instead of taking charge of launching the store as promised, I found myself embroiled in a ton of complications and unforeseen problems. Their ‘fixed income guarantee’ turned out to be a hollow claim, and my partners and I struggled to achieve any kind of sustainable sales level.

The design promised by the franchise turned out to be formulaic and far from the expected quality. No matter how hard we tried, we were unable to achieve success in advertising and attracting customers through VKontakte, Telegram and Avito.

The advertising budget included in the price did not bring us the expected results. Instead of active support from the franchise, we were faced with bewilderment and a lack of clear recommendations.

It should be warned that the terms of discounts and advertising budget turned out to be far from the stated 25%. We were never able to convince ourselves of the advantages of air delivery without prior purchase.

The entire ‘training’ period turned out to be extremely unstructured and ineffective. We have not received enough information and tools to cope with what awaits us after the transfer of stores.

In the end, my experience with the SKLVD franchise boils down to a waste of time, energy and finances. I do not recommend this franchise to those who really strive for a successful business in the field of online shoe trading.


"SKLVD is a complete disappointment. Promises of fixed income and support turned out to be empty words. I lost a lot of money and time trying to make something out of this franchise. I do not recommend it to anyone!"

"This franchise is simply terrible! No support, no results. I invested in it and regretted it from the first days. I lost a lot of money and nerves. Beware!"

"SKLVD is a disaster! Promises about a ready-made business and automation are a complete lie. Instead, I got a headache and a lot of problems. Do not mess with this franchise if you do not want to lose all your funds and hopes."

"My mistake was trusting the SKLVD franchise. Promises of stable income and support turned out to be empty. The franchisors turned out to be incompetent and uninterested in the success of their franchisees. Better avoid this franchise and look for something more reliable."


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